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Chad Da Don - Pad n Pen ft Cassper Nyovest Lyrics

When I know, then I will,
Let you know, how it goes
When I know, then I will,
Let you know, how it goes
'til the end, 'til the end
That's how it's going down
'til the end, 'til the end
I make them pay for it
My pad and pen, my pen and pad
Me and my squad, we here to win
We here to in, that's how it's going down

verse 1 [Chad Da Don]
Never wanted to be normal
Choice I made when I was four though
Although, before the grape
I do need to get some more though
I'll just make a quick call though
And then I will be mortal
Soon as I die they will remember me
Then they all will say but don't go
I do shows outta town
How the f*** you say I'm local
I write lyrics and they're pro bro
Your homeless souls are no go
Get some fan, even if you try and utter
You will fold bro
I've never been a victim
Behind this mic, shit is different
You might just get the picture
Ask for light the niggas clicked it
Put it up on Insta and write about his ambition
Always tryin to sound correct
But there's a sound that's f***ing missing
Cause you rap about the business
But know nothing about this shit
Your flow is pretty lazy
Sounds like you forgot the lyrics
Go home, read through your notes
Come back when you're finished
You never had a beginning
So this is how we gon end it
We going right back to the beginning


verse 2 [Cassper Nyovest]
I been running the game
I tell my bars I need a knee cap
The fame is the only reason I'd ever leave rap
Biased reviews acting like we not the bee's wax
I'm not Oscar Prestorius, I've never needed feedback
Chad's about to drop, his album sounding amazing
He reminds me of when
I was sleeping in Jabba's basement
And all I had was the music
And studio time was a payment
And all the single girl were lying to me
Saying that they're taken
That was so sweet,
Never wanted to hurt my feelings
Now I ask her to escort me to million rand meetings
Just to show them how I went from a very nice guy
To a very nice guy with a very nice life
It's crazy, I speak my mind
It's what I came here to do
For you it's history
For me it's what I came here to do
Unpredictable nigga, I got plenty of groove
Send me dibs with the awards
And now I emptied the pool
I took fifteen with a sixteen
It's never been done
I've always wanted to be the king
And not the prince son
They said I was a one hit wonder
Kanti dintshang! I been here for so long
I forgot who the king was
I play with women but they love me
I'm a clean jerk
I will take your advice
But you gotta win first
We never lose, we just show up and we murk
Nigga you ain't even got more fans than QueenTwerk
That line was whack but it was kinda funny
Who could keep a cool head with my kind of money
There's two sides, I'm the truth and the truth:
Weak niggas wanna change the rules when they lose
Weak niggas wanna change the rules when they lose
Weak niggas wanna change the rules when they lose