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Chad Da Don - iVibe Lyrics

verse 1
Salary looking the fattest
They gotta double advance it
Killing the p*ssy, attacked it
Usually not that romantic
Usual people are average, I only drive automatics
Fucking that b*tch and I'm dabbing
Fucking that b*tch and I'm dabbing
On the carpet like Aladin
I got to top with no ladder
Tweezy just got me an anthem
Shout out to him for the banger
Tryna get this money fast
Shorty know, she wanna smash
She heard I got another smash
I hit it, I hit it, smash
She call me on the phone, I don't answer
I made that p*ssy purr just like a panther
Money sitting on your ass, you got assets
You can cava by the fur, that's a panda
I lay the pipe right, she seeing bright lights
Now that the hype's right, she sing into my mic
She doing her thing like, she doing the thing right
She do it for money, the vibe that she sending
You know what it feel like

Lil homey's getting paper on the low (oh oh)
She like the way I make my money grow (oh oh)
Your shorty's getting ready for this show (oh oh)
Whoa, whoa, (upeth' iVibe)
She fucking with my team she know we on (upeth' iVibe)
Lo mtwana looking clean, uthand' uk'qhoma (upeth' iVibe)
This is how it feel when you the don (upheth' iVibe)
So tell your friends uzobabona ngomso (oh)

I met her beside me, told me that she wanna vibe
Told me my future was bright, ? for the night

verse 2
She heard that my lable was nice
And that's when we started to vibe
She wants a piece of this life
I promised to gave her a slice
Girl I see you want me, girl I know you fronting
'Cause I know these shorties only want one thing
She living for the bottles and I've seen her fronting
She drops it for the real I see she wants it
I went to her kasi, she showed me her mom t
This girl really like me
She told me I rock her lefatshe
She told me to rock it
Hape le hape le hape
But how could I stop it
I'm poppin it hape le hape

hook x 3