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DJ Sliqe - Injayam ft Emtee x K.O Lyrics

Into engagenzel' inyuku
I ain't got time for it
Man I ain't got time for it
Spent a fortune on that Ferrogamo
Luis and that Tom Ford
On that Tom Ford

verse 1 [Emtee]
Ey what it is yeah
It's been a minute
Voices in my head saying get up and get it
Everyday I hustle so I get on a mission
Do the laps then I'm gone off the digits
I just gotta lay low
Had a lot to deal with
Now I'm on a song with K.O
You used to diss me back in the day though
I was tryna get in the gang
But I ain't play though
Now it's up and they stopping
Drop a joint and the streets going buck
Injayam yeah, my dog Sliqe
Get the summer all lit
Get up to some boss shit
Mama always told me never lose faith
Even though some niggas switch up
Like they're Bruce Wayne
It ain't safe
Niggas kill you over loose change
Broad daylight on a Tuesday
What would you say


verse 2 [K.O]
Shame on you
I'm still that same nigga from e primary school
Insimbi edal' imali when I'm strutting through
It's all I wanted as a young boy
As a young boy
Rest in peace ot the rooftop in the summer
Told all my enemies I'm back where I belong
I hope you're ready for your Karma
That's on my mama
Ikasi lithi where you been boy
Where you been boy
I'm popping out like ntwana yim lo
The Supa Dupa went and gave these niggas what they fiend for
What, take a rapper to the laundromat
Ngimshaye nge clean job
Lezi ezikhule zingana nix, sure
We made it through the pitfalls
Qhazwa nagamrims
I'm trying to getup on the bollboard
I'm married to the moola
This is something I'mma kill for
And if I'm at the bank
I'm politicking with my inlaws
A lot of kasi flavour when I'm talking nigga
There's a lot of kasi flavour when I'm walking nigga
Kwa khumuk' idiloz ebone ulova efika
She want me for my figures
My bog body muscle car, Arnold Schwarzenegger