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Kid Tini - Bet Lyrics

verse 1
I'm 'bout to get shit started
My bitches look like Barbie
Pardon my ignant talking
Nigga done skipped the college
My niggas get diplomas
Nigga I get the commas
You know my shit retarded
You know my shit retarded
I met a couple thotties
Only fuck if she naughty
I might just leave her crawling
I got my exes calling
And I know this my calling
Shout out my boy Nick Collin
I give the food for thought and
I got the secret sauces
I hear you cooking garbage
I bet you need some garlic
Niggas take shots, ignore them
I let them miss the target
Pull up on them, what's poppin
You can never top me, stop it
I ain't never pocket-watch it
I see what I want and cop it

See I'm all the low
Shit, I cannot snooze
Man I gotta get the bag
Nothing to prove ad nothing to lose
Hop in the coupe and dash
I am the truth
Nawe babo uzukanye uphum' uphele
Okanye uphum' uphele, okanye uphum' uphele

verse 2
Okay I'm cut from a different cloth
I'm denim, they khakhi
I'm swaggy, they tacky
I'm scripting that mad heat
Break the law, my rep sheet
Got body bags steady
Work so hard 'til I'm so classy
That my body bag is LV
Outrap me, how can he
You chatty, you pety
Your bitch she call me daddy
I'm still hot even on the wack beats
Sadly ain't no competition
Fuck the politickin'
Tryna be an idol like I got the golden ticket
Stop and listen, I'm addicted to this life we living
When I didn't have a pot to piss in, they was dissin'
On a mission, I don't wing it
I'm not Chicken Licken
When I spit they turn to crickets
I'm just hitting wickets
Need to check, check, check, check, check
If a nigga dissing
Okay bet, bet, bet, bet, bet
I'm just jotting writtens
I'm the best yeah flex, flex
Like I hit the gym
And I need less threats
Let's get to the fucking business