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Kwesta - Reporting live From Katlehong ft Youngsta CPT Lyrics

verse 1 [Kwesta]
Reporting live from Katlehong
And I just farted on the throne
Been here so long I made it home
Been here since I was barely grown
I-waar ukuth' anginisabi eintlik
Le mali akuse yoku bay' iskelem
I stick mine out to get respect
And they've got Marikana blood on their necks
Eish, I made it here with just a dream
I made mistakes baba angiphiki
Hai mara fede i-waar ayijiki
This new wave ain't fucking with my streams
Hai mpitch angibragi ngidinwa yilaba
Marking ye fake emzini kababa
Baskime I-cherry ey'ze ngeyndaba
Might give their favourite pity fuck
I know I'm who you're gunning for
That one dude you can't ignore
Wanna see my blood on the floor
I acknowledge your rugby point
Yindlela phela stradi ndiza
Imedi iyabela izam' ukungithinta
Come on your mom been trying to reach ya
But I'm on a call about some features
So now the family is secondary
The cost of trying to be legendary
I'm sorry I couldn't make it there, B
Unnecessarily necessary
Ushaye khona what a jam
Yeah Basho bonke as they dance
Ngiyasokola kodwa magents
Because I'm trying to be my daughter's best friend
Surrounded by some solid okes
Hayi nina enihleka all the jokes
I like the girl and she ain't have to boast
Then I wifed her after teaching her how to be broke
Now I just watch her purse get thick
Take your stripes girl you earned that shit
Load the clip for my ? ting
That's good workmanship
Ziphi lez zeswag yamanyala
Ndaba angizwani ne rap yamarashu
Bathi bayangiqeda mabasho
Ngithi ngenza imovie, bangibhekisa ngabantu
Now its box office numbers, queue the curtains
My head still in this rap like a turbine
Observant, I don't just fight to get words in
Cause once you think you know it all
That means you stop learning
I'm PHD deep ke mina
Beer stains on my cheap denims
But I'm still picture-perfect
And I can tell I pose a threat
From the shots that they keep sending
Kwesta, that's an adjective it's not a name
Let's be real, everyone tryna Kwesta the game
See that's the superhero phase
I should sommer bell Youngsta to bring the cape

verse 2: [Youngsta CPT]
Even though I take losses I've seen my hustle grow
It separates the gladiators from the Russell Crowes
Look at this puppet show
Man where did the hunger go
Eighteen years old had a bankroll full of buffalos
Same number who's this, I got a new address
Amagluglug I was gassed up at Caltex
I told em I'll be back soon
Travelling to the black moon
Sending my tracks back to earth through a chatroom
I can't be famous 'til I invent a challenge
But I have authentic talent
Check my street credit balance
I see the demons and the angels faces
So I'm asking for forgiveness on a daily basis
I don't worry about the sauce unless it's all gold
Please decipher my poems I speak in Morse code
Keep the blinds drawn and the doors closed
'Cause where we live has been declared as a war zone
30 mixtapes to date and I'm seldom awarded
I make a terabyte crash, you don't have enough storage
Enormous tyrannosaurus you don't get to choose your sizes
They underrate me, I rate them the same as uber drivers
Because they do something average and people stop and stare
We do something fantastic and people hardly care
Industry players only seem to put their friends on
Soaking up the drip until they're sitting with a wet sponge
Now ring the dinner bell
For Briyani and Frikadelle
Brain food is needed feed the townships and the prison cells
I'm telling my mense to go secure the geld
Go get the top bag without being a con man
But unemployment is on the rise we not finding the job
So to cheat, steal and rob is our final response
Either we die to get the halo or dye our hair blonde
Cause every day that we survive we defying the odds
I see you're writing notes cause every line is dope
Your whole design is old its time you tried my approach
They quote the lyric as soon as it gets recorded
I'm Iconic already but don't get credit for it
But by the time the curtains close because they obviously will
I'll have my own holiday and a monument built
So you can keep the wavy and mumble raps
I just want Nipsey Hussle back
I live where crimes are committed and druggies purchase crack
But I was heartbroken when I read those murder stats
Deploy the army, the special forces and K9s
Will this ever change, things take time

verse 3 [Kwesta]
It's too much
Ntwana faka iskipa ngoba awugcwali ibruku lakho
Brooklax nginyisa konke 'cela ustashe i2ply
Lalela you never gon' blow
Mewuloko usitshela bayakuzonda and they jacking your flow
Me I stayed on my toes
My shit went diamond I got songs I can help them propose
I hope these rappers eat pies
Or else I'll have to humble all these chickens streetwise
Asincengisaneni siphilisane
And maybe then we will find a way to change how we been dying
Look I wish everybody more life
And the knowledge to know when you living the wrong life
But who's to know, yo it's your life
Just milk this shit for what it's worth, you know Long Life
Ok, that big bro shits done
Before they take this nice nigga for a bitch one
Got the invite and they ain't come
Pardon me I was in Parliament discussing your income
That's not your type of party
I know that cause there ain't no Cardis ain't no Barbies
It's just the hardest and the smartest
Far-left Gabi le Roux so, of course, I'm a kwaito artist
I see why am I
You want treats, nayi into emnandi
You want to sound street, nayi ipen yam
Ngiyasiza, angithi ayanibizisa eniwathembayo
See what I ink
It's Titanic every song gotta sink
That's kinda Slick
On life though, this should have been Batabing
But ownership is key
Y'all just hold what you can keep
Until the owners switch the fee
Put your soul on all these beats
Sell your love and loyalty
But till you fold all your receipts
You'll never notice it was free
To begin with
Make magic ntwana yam, that's what the trick is
I hope you listening
I'm tryna turn you to niggas I can be kings with
But slavery is the new ting
Tailor made Fendy for the cool kids
Then they claimed they made it on some true shit
Patience saves pennies and these labels never do shit
The fight's on, the night's long
So drive on, uze ushaye itop
Turn my mic on, ngiyenz' ibioscope
Lights off, and I'm gone