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Nelz - Rush Hour ft Blaklez Lyrics

verse 1 [Nelz]
Put some respect on the name boy
I'm affiliated with them big boys
Only time they play is with big toys
They collect the fee when I make noise
Should pay me by the hour
You're looking sour
Wanna pop 'em tags, money is power
Pay me by the hourMang'fika ziyawa
They gon get deterred girl we got that fire
Only time I feel the pressure is when I'm 30k feet
Walk up in the scene, tell them point me to my seat
I don't owe you like two vowels
Save it for the show if it's something they never seen
Pay me my the hour

verse 2 [Blaklez]
Your excuses are history
Money first, so don't pester me brother
Don't bother texting me
Your identity's a mystery
Y'all is mad childish, Takalani Sesame
Whoa, I gotta cut off these kids like a vasectomy
I'm a stickler for protocol
Sometimes I might ignore your call
You don't know me dog
You're an uninformed know-it-all
I'm a real G
I make it drip, I never show it off
Hope these girls blow you for your dough
Before you blow it all
Man I forgive you if you're acting all irrational
'Cause you've got more baggage than OR Thambo International
I speed past you and whoever that is gassing you
Watch your mouth, the right hook will dislocate your ?
Never be ungrateful
Be happy for your breakthrough
Nobody can replace you
So never let them break you
I need my money man put it on Jesus
Or whoever that you pray to
I hope the bag came through