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Nveigh RAS PdotO - Top 5 ft Jay Claude Lyrics

verse 1 [Nveigh]
I shared butter with the bros
When you've got a main
You shouldn't blunder with the hoes
Niggas on the dough but they asking what the deal is
Funny 'cause the answer been right under their nose
I'm a real nigga, a hard hitter
You know the deal
I'm not a fake my nigga
You know the real
Fuck out my face my nigga
You know the feel
Grind like you in construction my nigga
You know the drill
I keep telling you that I'm top two
You need more than your rapper niggas to stop dude
I'm hot do, shit, I was raised by the gun
Disrespect me then I promise you gon see what my palms do
And you niggas are so static
The fanny-pack on you niggas got cosmetics
Mamelodi East I got niggas that cause damage
Never felt defeat like a nigga with prosthetics

Handle my keys, been on my job
Still I get my own thing
Tryna make right
? making paper
Been heavy yeah but I'm on the way up
Play on, play on, play on, play on
'Cause I Play on, play on, play on, play on

verse 2 [RAS]
*Request sent for verse in French*


verse 3 [PdotO]
Top five, fuck with the boss or fly with the birds
I'm magic, abra cadabra
I'm tight with the verse
Recicled the curse that's fuck you twice
Still mean reciting my words
Church, I'm Franklin the curse
Step to a real one, or let me kill some
Still independent, not fazed when a deal come
A bit of bounce to the step I feel
A bit of bounce to the step you need
Don't ever test my skill
Smoke purps while we call green pastures
A lot of rappers laugh that they speed past us
Forgetting it's a marathon, not a sprint
So the same nigga tryna get a piece, that's fucked
Tryna eat at our table nigga you is not able
So be gone with the wind
Like motherfucking Clark Gable
Still God bless the real ones
Keanu Reaves made way for the sleepers