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PdotO - Changes Lyrics

verse 1
Smoke screen past the Henny juice
Fist clenched, I'm dippin' through
Supposed to lose but father God
I'm happy that we winning through
Willing ton increase the boom
But I'm least consumed with this fuck shit happening
I move as I am willing to
You move as you are given room
Lord I am the living proof
Sinner without a missing clue
My heart is in the right place though
I am the living truth
You speak when you are spoken to
Suppose you make the vision move
Intimidate them little dudes
Motivate the brave so we can terminate the slaves
'Cause slave is a mentality we need to keep away
Good God, something beautiful is building
Was away my sin, hear the spirit of a great king

Changes, I'm just going through changes
Changes, I'm just going through changes
So won't you keep that goin' for me

chorus 2
Maybe like water, maybe I aught'a
All to be a martyr
I'm smarter, gradually sharper
I harvest my insight
I take note, I speak mine
Truth bless the great sky
Bless the fakes too
Without the snakes you can't recognise a great jewel
Sometimes I make moves, sometimes I check coast
Sometimes I'm chilled, at times a nigga King Kong
Baby let's keep going, I know they notice us
I know they shook, 'cause they see a nigga won't give up
Cold water, I'm dipping
My spirit cleansed now
I search for something much greater than the bag now
But never brag how, 'cause he a chosen few
Walk with me, let me show you how a soldier do
I'm seeing changes, embrace them as I stay king
Savage but I'm focused on what the future may bring
Savage but I'm focused on what the future may bring