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PdotO - Get Mine ft Fuego Phoenix Lyrics

verse 1
I'm a man on a mission
Youngin with the vision
Journey through this life
I'm tryna make the right decisions
Had to listen to my heart
To understand the rhythm
Wipe the tears from the eyes
So I can see what I've been given
I'm only human, slave to my feelings
Slave to the system
Hustle my religion
Conflicted by the thoughts and these different opinions
Everyday I'm learning not to listen
Sometimes it's hard but we gon get by
Sometimes I cry but it's gon be alright
Best we're still dreaming
We're still believing
I can't let go 'cause it feels alright
Why clip my wings when I was born to fly
Lost in the winds, I wanna touch the sky
We've been delayed but we on the way
So please andale, ain't no time to waste

Soze ngaphel' amandla
I'm just tryna get mine
'Cause I saw a dream
And I still believe in
Yes I still dream
There's no need to sleep
I'm just tryna get mine
Soze ngaphel' amandla
I'm just tryna get mine
'Cause I saw a dream
And I still believe in
Yes I still dream
There's no need to sleep
I'm just tryna get mine

verse 2
A lost soul with a good heart
I keep thinking 'bout the good part
I show you how we cook art
I'm working on a new start
Got that, you know I'm working on a new start
So I lay back, try to make the right decision
Got the spirit of God like a pastor on a mission
Got a vision that's real deep
Sometimes I get the jitters
Like I'm fooling myself
But my passion is too consistent
Only human so my thoughts still conflicted
Shit ridiculous
My plan is solid, it's magic
This shit meticulous
Still I sell hope to the hopeless
My heart broke but it don't bend
I'm not woke, I just don't blend
You niggas chase trends
That shit is pitiful, it's so sad
They try to ridicule your whole fad
On the real, this' our reality
You surround yourself with fake friends
Whoah, we really live over here
Notorious thoughts, nigga we're big over here
It's clear that we're so close, believe over here
This the time to make moves
Overseas over there
They say P you really seem blessed
I keep telling them it's reflex
Stay tuned for what we bring next
So dope, need a piss test
Life, we defeat death


verse 2
I don't feel I gotta prove nothing
Maybe improve hustling
Maybe the proof is in the pudding
No excuse, cousin
Maybe the rules struggling
Maybe the crew bugging
Niggas we legendary, so don't confuse nothing
No sleep for the brave
We just work 'til judgment
Study all my work, you'll understand the substance
We're future driven
We don't speak in past tense
Kind of an alien
So maybe I'm Clark Kent
This entertainment but believe me I'm God-sent
Never conceding, we just get up and push still
It took real hard work, persistence and good skill
We fight to the death
These motherfuckers are shook still
From the dirt, to the top shelf
How many lives do we got left
Stay focused never stop praying
This is real life
Harder than a steel pipe
But bay we gon live right