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PdotO - Idols to Idols ft Zubz Lyrics

verse 1 [PdotO]
I ain't got shit to lose
Don't you get shit confused
I done paid my dues
I'm a rapping fool, I got things to do
Rival your idol, inspire to Kamikaze
Cuzzie, aim for the title
I'm snapping like paparazzi
I'm cocky, fuck it, I'm sorry
My knuckles is feeling froggy
They leap at you profusely
My nigga feeling like Rocky
Good God, good God
Stay up, that's what my poppa said
Fresh from the coast
'Cause y'all know that's where my mama stay
I aim to be forever great
Zubz told me set the stage
Block it up with pen and page
And raise hell for heaven's sake
I'm saying this with heaven's grace
Solidify my sacred place
'Cause everybody know that I belong with the heavy eights
Use it for this music too
A bully bu I'm bulletproof
Embrace the truth
I hoola hoop the flow up in this music booth
Idols become your rivals
I'm back, ain't talking spinal
Besides, you get to witness his glory upon arrival, I'm gone

Idols, the idols
Idols, the idols
Idols, the idols
Your idols become your rivals
Idols, the idols
Idols, the idols
Idols, the idols
Your idols become your rivals
Some cool, some cool, turn it up
Some cool, some cool, turn it up

verse 2 [Zubz]
Never get down on your knees for an idol
That's blasphemy
You bet I'll get down on my knees for what's vital
That's Kaepernick
Ancestral baptist, culture practicing catholic
Blessed are those that perceive what the eyes don't
That's pastor speed
Passed words when I'm asked to preach
To a congregation full of rappers
Each on a path to greatness
With a knack for hating
On a cat that makes it from the back row seat
To the podium
Studio sessions, attacking beats to an audience
Catalogue a legacy
A rap career, keep applauding them
Noddin' them, write up 'til you see the lord in 'em
Better yet, God in 'em , listen
Better get to guarding them, protection
No add harmin' them, flexin'
Never go to war with them, Switzerland
Instead, honour their position
Respect all of them from a rival to idols