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PdotO - Kingdom Come Lyrics

verse 1
I stay moving like a mission
Basically I'm cruising
I'm crushing the competition
Matter fact the music is usually a premonition
Of a vision well-executed
Pardon the transition, I'm a mastermind
Best believe I'mma handle mine
I can't stop 'cause I'm eternal
Just like the hands of time
Shit I plan around
Using what I rapped around
I'm bringing niggas back to size
I'm sipping coke, next to wine
It takes time to build a legacy
I never really stopped my dog
A different pedigree
I'm next to knigs
My role resembles Jesus piece
The cloth a little different
My niggas this is the genesis
The beginning of new things
My level is too big
My heaven is tuned strings
My passion is blueprints
I'm certain the shoe fits
A legend, a true king
My music is full pic

Greatness is the game
Wonder why we're always getting these gazes
Make no mistake
Right now we're rising high
And making tis paper baby
Money ain't a thing no more
The hustle ain't the same no more
I'm making a statement
We are the greatest 'til kingdom come

verse 2
Fuck I gotta do for you to see that I'm the greatest
I took your playlist, replaced it with great gift
And with that great gift, I sabotage your latest
So don't approach me if you'e busy talking lame shit
I stay lit, my path is a paragraph
I'm scripture, I'm next ta
Marley and Marcus Garvey, I'm Hector
New Chris Hani amalgamated with Jackson
Runnin' a marathon like I'm a greyhound
Fuck fate, let the truth do the damn thing
It's our time, we don't slave but we're great kings
Push the button, keep running 'til you break shin
Even then, get your ass up, do the same thing
Baby chase dream, never let the dream die
Fuck fear, live in the moment, let your beam shine
Yes lord, just let your beam shine
But you're fucked up inside
Still they say you seem fine
I'm copin', music my potion hopin' I rise again
Just 'cause we're laughing together
That don't define a friend
I'm redefining beats
Spiritual, I'm rhyming hymns
I'm closer to my spoken dream
An angel wit a broken wing
Dear mama understand that it's your boy talking
They got me praying to the lord
I am God's offspring
Without a God complex, I am a man no less
Understand I am threat
They running far, I guess

chorus x 2