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Ras - Dead People Lyrics

I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people
I see, I see dead people

verse 1
Three AM and I'm still grinding
African time I got bad timing
I see what they're seeling
But I ain't buying
'Cause when you're doing something good
There's always niggas eyeing
What kind of life is this
I ain't even got time on my fucking wrist
I got shorties all over my magic stick
I got nigga dick riding 'cause I'm the shit
Only God knows how I do it
I've been running, running right through it
All this hate I'm getting, mama knew it
It's time get my head back into it
I'm hearing voices in my head I'm paranoid
Thinking ey'body's out to get me
'Cause I've been through it
And I can't avoid how my haters out here rolling with me
It's hard to tell friend or foe
So I keep them on the only need to know
Can't be out here breaking code
You should keep shadow boxing on your own
I'm just gon send them six feet below


verse 2
Something inside me got me on some march and move
If you know the kid, you know I'm always on something new
I should be doing the fuck what I wanna do
But it goes much deeper than just a Siz n Scoop
So many shady niggas in the room
It's time to return their bodies in a tomb
I should be concentrating on my loot
They should know I'm coming soon
Cooking my own dough for the streets
Y'all can't stop a nigga tryna eat
I bring my own steak to the barbecue
Keep doing best with yiuor beef
Father protect me from what I can't see
As I protect myself from what's in front of me
You got the best view on big screen
I got a blind spot full of enemies
Tryna take away all my energy
I cannot fade away from the synergy
Play my ace of spades with a poker face
They cannot rule my delivery


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