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Rouge - No Cap Freestyle Lyrics

verse 1
I keep it one hunnid
They show 'em three hunnids
Spot and kick a bitch into the darkness
Your mouth working overtime all the time
But I'm the only girl charting
You worried how the Henny pours
Instead of how the flyer calls you many more
No matter how I elevate I kiss the floor
I'm that bitch with a thousang nigga at the door
Pusha daai ding
Somebody said I made way way furhter
'Cause I'm light skinned
But the melanin pop, got guap
I don't even check my mail
Gotta check my DMs
That's how they get me quick these days
That's how I'm getting rich these days
I cut the third man
Keep the profit to myself
Or everybody go and split three ways
Ishuu, ishuu bitch
I school every time I shoot
Ishuu, ishuu bitch
Makhathini 'bout to give you the scoop

Yo, you owe money
Uza ngiyi Sony
You niggas don't know me
But you gon learn today
I nip tuck like a surgery
Oh good, so you heard of me
On the hush, 2020 had to come quick
Not Deborah Patta but I'm burn them like the third degree
I see you niggas making campaigns
But they gotta serve dummy all day
I didn't even have to book a flight
But still a bitch made it on Sway
Try to say it without laughing
Who said enough to come after
'Cause both never let the one pass them
Stand at the throne
I'mma sit without asking
Dumela mme Madlamini
Dumela mme, dala
Dumela mme, dala
What do you want from me
Dumela mme Madlamini
Dumela mme, dala
Dumela mme, dala
What do you want from me

Ona spiritual quest like an Odyssey
I'm queen at the top
Yeah, that's all they see
On the Twitter streets
I'm a shepherd to trolls
Yeah they follow me but
Take advice from a beast young blood
You don't really wanna do this
I'm Rouge, I don't need no clout
Your team forever tryna start a movement
I just send a tweet from my couch
Already in the works on my next flick
How to put a verse down for Netflix
Niggas really quick with the view
I don't give a fuck
You can get smoked too