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Shabzi Madallion - Becareful Lyrics

verse 1
They don't love us
Niggas collaborate for the cover
To let you in they gotta first see you suffer
Why you think I came into the game with my brothers
I got somewhere to go
When it's all said and done
I'll be heading back home
It's not forever I know
I'm well aware I came in here to give you a show
But make a difference when you tap dancing
People love me 'cause I'm different
With some rap classics
Mad stanzas
You could be bad but it doesn't make you Michael Jackson
All these number-ones
But tell me what they gon remember you for when you're done
Not the metrics
It's what you said you would say but never said it
When it was time
That's the reason why people are by my side
I stay away from the people who benefit from a lie
Only show you love when they get a cut of the pie
Be careful, they'll cut you out with a knife
Be careful, be careful