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Zoocci Coke Dope - Aferlife ft Priddy Ugly Lyrics

We got, we got trees, hella jets
Me no lover, me no cuff, no arrest

No need to wipe my eyes
'Cause I've seen this before
I've lived twice, so I've been this before
Good guy, bad guy, I play 'em well
This time, last time, I gave 'em hell

verse 1 [Zoocci Coke Dope]
If I'm stepping out the house
I need a fair amount
Not really the type to be out and about
Do my thing, I get the guap and then I'm out
If you got problems my nigga
Then you should air em out
I'm really him, it's not a rumour
I drip like I'm a Barracuda
If she got ass then I recruit her
If she fuck around, I'll marry cuter
These are things on my mind
I'm a demon in these sky
I see black when I look up to the sky
It's pretty clear in my eyes
I'm a king to you guys
I wonder when you wake up and realise

We got, we got trees, hella jets
Pop up if I wanna, you can't fuck with the finesse
Me no lover, me no cuff, no arrest
She wanna pop a pill, pop a pill, have sex
Blessed, why you getting upset
Don't got no time, I need Pateks
Just before I stretch
Money on my head, while I'm laying in my bed
Why you getting upset

verse 2 [Priddy Ugly]
If you living like a slave
I hope you die a king
Set your alarms
The walking dead still got some life in them
If pain is beauty
How a scar gon' kill the Lion King?
Guess it's not a movie if there ain't nobody dying in it
I'm on a poster looking flyer than the flyer is
Fly higher kids
That's the reason that the sky exists
Third eye open, herb we smoke made my eyelids twitch
I'd tweeted God, but my keypad don't have hieroglyphs
Slaving for the change
You should be saving for the change
It's a shame, you niggas are enabling your pain
Lot of you lames
Ain't really worth your payment or your fame
When you shooting for success
You need some patience in your aim
Wake and bake
When I'm praying for this bacon on my plate
Oh you the best
You better own up to the statements that you make
To hit the target, you gonna need some training in your game
And tsunamis leave graves
They getting faded by my wave