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25K - Hustlers Prayer ft A-Reece Lyrics


I grew up with my nigga
How many times we hit licks in the slumps with the opps
I won't kill you, I love you my nigga
All of the times we had nothin' I thought you would fold
But instead it's all love with you nigga
I told my mama I'm runnin' my race
She told me to focus, I love you lil' nigga
How many times I got bullets and pigeons to show you that I'm finna die for my niggas
I'll die for my niggas
Heo sa bolele ka zaka sang founela, I'll duck you my nigga
I'm on the block with the shooters and robbers
I told you, or onahana ka dlala my niggas
It's blood with my niggas 24 zips in the projects my nigga
I'm havin' nightmares of enemies pullin' up on me
Don't try me I'll smoke you my nigga

verse 1 [25K]
He osa nkitse e no tlwela, a ke irеle wena
Mafia plug, diphiri diya nwela
Bana ba goеlla, tshwara mayhem
Eish, mayem ngwaha oboima
Mara sa warra ke skeema manyora
Nine to five jacket chelete yao tolla
Beletsa kilo leko sabona
He ere push start ono thoma leo kghotla
Starve with my niggas cold game, otibisitse fame o khona ke slate
Zooloo a don and nobody else
All of these melodies good for my health
I never switch no B I got it under control B
I'm a real one til the day that I die
I love my niggas with criminal ties


verse 2[A-Reece]
Got a call that my pops on the hospital bed
Drownin' in all of those tears that I shed
Told him I'll pay for whatever he told me forget it, just pay me a visit instead
This fuckin' pandemic ain't lettin' up
He died and I ain't get to look at his face
Tell him I love him before the Lord took him away
Nothin' was ever the same
I told my mama I'm runnin' my race
These other niggas is runnin' in place
24/7 I'm posted with shooters and robbers, don't make 'em get back to their ways
24/7 I'm posted with real niggas only, you see me with 25K
Free all the niggas locked up in the cage
For all of my niggas I'm ready to go to the grave, yeah


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