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AB Crazy - Cry Baby Lyrics

verse 1
I get fussy, it's not a secret
Every day I prayed over my demons
I can tell when they're creepin'
Maybe I'm trippin', I'm just seeing things
I get emotional when I'm leading
I'm a cry baby, they won't diss me
You want kisses, I go the distance
You got me stuck in the mix and it is what it is
I'm the truth, a real one, I'm no fluke
Maungafuni uyeke
Baby tell me, do you love me
I give it time even though it costs money

Pick a side baby
I'm in my feelins, I'm a cry baby
Pick a side baby
I'm in my feelins, I'm a cry baby
Pick a side baby
What's it gon be baby
Pick a side, pick a side
A side, a side
I'm all you need, I'm all you got

verse 2
Fake friends never show up
It's a lie, you should never grow up
If they hate us for real, they gon show us
I'm hearing haters out here hissing like a cobra
We've been more than friends for so long
And now that I'm hurting, I'mma write more songs
You see you a queen baby, claim your throne
With a little bit of money I can right my wrongs
I've been tryna reach but you're so far
I think I need a nice life chick just like Doja
If it's not a compliment, I don't wanna hear it
They don't wanna see the boy shine like chandeliers
And they keep on dissing but they see us every year
You gon have to make a choice, is it me or them

chorus x 2