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AB Crazy - Got Your Back ft Audrey Lyrics

I tell you why you're number one
Because you kept a promise
And told me I'm the one
'Cause you are honest
And you know you deserve the world
But you are modest
You say you pray for me, now I'm an artist
I know you got my back x 9

verse 1
I went for it, I did it, I handled business
They cannot send me to hell, already been there
You showed me that God is in the detail
My mama prayer too strong
Boy I'm a witness
Look all these niggas claim to be the reallest
It's funny how I see that in a female
I should be grateful all the time
You're still around to see me shine
I thin about you all the time
You told me Still Your Body, Move Your Mind


verse 2
Everyday is Christmas when I'm with you
And I feel so alive
And I know you would do anything
To protect me, to love me
Just to see you smile
What would I do without you
(I know you would do anything)
You always get me up when I'm down
I know you got my back
I know you got my back
I know you got my back


verse 3
I'm so blessed you stuck with me
No matter the turnout
They don't give us no compliments
As if they're gonna run out
You was with me when I was stuck in a small town
And for the samples you provided all those Motown jams
And I took those Ls, a whole lot of blows
And when the world went trap, I provided the soul
And in my heart that's where my angel is
You taught me to learn from nature
What patience is
They do anything just to blow
I do anything just to see that old sweet lady glow


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