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B3nchmarq - New Friend$ ft A-Reece Lyrics

Took a lot of blood, sweat, tears to make it here
And it's gon' take a lot to make me disappear, yeah
Had to cut a couple loose ends
All this money, only thing I can't afford is making new friends (Yeah)
All this money, only thing I can't afford is making new friends (Yeah, say that shit again, my nigga)
All this money, only thing I can't afford is making new friends

verse 1 [Jody]
Small squad, deep end
Barricade but they don't mean defence, yeah
Boss move, reflex
I know the fall is they're favourite season, yeah
Final days, madе the weekend
Only the strong niggas sеnse all the pretence, yeah
The re-up is the revenge
I'm going off ahead of time or prevent
Most counted out 'cause they ain't really counting on the gang
To make bank and add numbers in the cheque account
Got it from bottom and did it again
We was tapped in, beating on our chest
Niggas thinking we was tapping out
Manifested a couple of things I was rapping about
Exposed a couple of things rappers be capping about
Niggas napping now they're mad that I was mapping out
Outta pocket, outta character, they're acting out
We really hot in the streets, niggas just pick a town
Black Air Force, hit the lick and then we're out
It's gonna take a lot to get the gang to simmer down
Way less friends, it's getting simpler now


verse 2 [TKay]
Look at the time frame
Look at the bloodstain
I gotta maintain
Sticking to my lane
Fly in a bird cage
Look at the weird change
Hope they never kill me when I'm on the stage
You see my blood, sweat and tears, I ain't never break
Niggas eat food for four in just a single plate
In the ring I'm Mike, my dog, I'm just a heavyweight
You don't show them money then them niggas gonna holler Skuif
I gave you food then you turned around and gave me a bottle
Gotta decline, my diet is money
Funny how friends wanna pay me with a bottle of Henny
Fuck the trip, I ain't going back, I'm on a new journey
Thought I would die, but I always come back like South Park Kenny
This is my Destiny's Child, no Bey no Kelly
Remember back in the label we were getting a salary
MaKip-kip chains on our necks, under slavery
Did it on our own, that's when we tasted the victory
Now I'm blown up, I see them getting a mellow me
Hold up son, you nearly took my pedigree
DNA gold, they can never make another me


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