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Blxckie - Stripes ft Flame Lyrics

I just know I got my cheese comin'
Y'all don't follow man
Don't fight I know my Gs comin'
Put it on me and that's on life
I know that I'm gon' shine
Caught 'em on sleepy
And yes I bought a ride on time (yeah)
Phone on flight (yeah)
Give her all ice (yeah)
yeahh all ice (yeah)
I've been through heaven and hell is alright (yeah)
I feel like a zebra yeah I got stripes (yeah)

verse 1 [Blxckie]
Swervin' off the wheel
Blxckie shoot to kill
Baby girl wildin' I know that she geekin' off the pill (yeah)
She can't sit still (yeah)
Water drip stale (yeah)
Sippin' on pain still (yeahh) yeah
yeah hol' on yeahh
I won't go go go go (yeah)
?, I got hoes on my phone (yeah)
And she cold as fuck but she take off all her clothes (yeah)
Gotta go back to the hood man all the sauce is at home (yeah)
Told her that she lucky as fuck if she reach me
I came from the dust and the mud, shit ain't easy
I went from her man to her boss, she too clingy
Murder all these flows and this drip, I get sea sick


verse 2 [Flvme]
(Shhh, I tell her Baby Keep It Quiet)
(You ain't gotta let 'em know you with me for the night)
(Got a lot of shorties so they gon' put up a fight)
But damn you got that water, I might need some shorts and slides
I'm a zebra all my hoes is black and white
Said she got a man, I told her Baby That's Alright
Cause I'm just really tryna be your nigga for the night yeahh
Let's catch a vibe, fuck around and get high
Get your geeked up, buss it open
Oh bae, give me that sweet stuff
yeahh that sweet lemonade
Check the speed bumps
And take your time with me babe
Fly with me babe
Hit the sky with me babe yeahh

Swear I got a cold, I'm really sick (yeah)
I've been on the low just checking shit (yeah)
I've been on the road just killing shit (yeah)