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Chad Da Don x PDotO - Chain Reaction Lyrics

verse 1 [Chad Da Don]
In one sentence I receive more payments
Get it independent, I don't need no major
Came from the low life, then I upgraded
I am not Jesus, I cannot save her
I am still thankful, I am still grateful
They stay the same but they gon try change you
Fuck what they do, pray, stay faithful
Call the plug up, roll a blunt oh my angel
I'm the shit, yeah they cav me, big in ekasi
Still screaming out R.I.P Jabulani
I need you t love me, I need you to fuck me
Got me knee-deep, had to eat that punani
As-salamu alaykum, peace to my haters
Beast on the beat, got the heat, I'm a favourite
Keep getting greater, please keep the favours
I won't entertain it, I'm too innovative
Watch them under pressure how they're so off
They're never getting better so they fall off
Under the covers, I got her wet, I'mma go bruh
I hit it better than ever, she screaming, oh lord
She say Go Off, either way I'mma do it
You know I go hard
Either way I'mma prove it
I never go soft
Does it ring an alarm when I say that you got no heart
You khuluma too much wa spita
Hunnid on the deck like Tira
Do it too much, can't ease up
All about bucks like cheetah
Blow puff puff pass that reefer
Smoking on the gas, that ether
She got ass then my girl might eat up
Whole lot of cash dog your girl might leave up

verse 2 [PdotO]
Couple G stacks like Pisa
Fede bathi bhut Madlisa
Still running laps, ngiyashisa
Tried to leave the game
Bathe ba- bayang'dinga
Lamborghini doors with the progress
Catch me in the back with a bad bitch
Bad bitch shitting on nasty
Ass make it clap like a stripper on practice
I never lost my glory
If it ain't about money, ungngibhori
EC king dwell ePitori
Pay me what yo owe, ungagnizeli ngeyitori
I hope you understand he a king
Made her make it clap for a king
Made a couple stacks, that's a fact
I inject hat I need
The react with with compassion and passionately
Run it up, run it up, run it up
Henny and a soda in a double cup
Busting in her face, had to humble her
Mad 'cause them bitches in the back they be loving us
Holler at a pimp when you need some'n
Money in the bag hope you need some
I don't understand gotta keep running
Gotta keep hustling 'til the dream rush in

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