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Ex Global & Krish - Dior Lyrics

verse 1
Niggas run their mouth a lot
This side there's live action
I walk it like I talk it
Some of these rappers is actresses
They gon see me different
Once my story starts unraveling
They gin see my whole career
Looking like an accolade
Made no songs for the whole duration of the lockdown
But I sound like I was trapped in the lab
And I couldn't get out
When I hear these niggas sounds
They all sound mediocre dog
And if I wasn't me I'd say it's cringe over y'all
He always been consistent
Every verse got a strong message
No slacking, man he can never go out as a has-been
If we work but don't connect, I hit the exit
Came through with amazing flows, now i got these niggas gasping
Life is real, get held accountable for all your actions
If shit gets deep for me
I got a scoop but I don't panic
Some of these boys throwing sneak jabs, come at me
Let's see if you boys really 'bout it

verse 2
Tug on what you see, who you think you'll be
Would you sell your soul to be in Louis or Gucci
I know a couple niggas that could do that shit for free
For fame, for money, all that shit is all the same
Circle full of niggas with a key for every door
We come from seeing niggas always sleeping on the floor
So don't judge me if I wanna smell like Dior
And I got all these feelings I've been up and up and poor
You could never have enough
I'm always striving out for more
Now they always tryna stop me
Bu they always turn up sloppy
Take a look around, you niggas look like dummies
And we will own it all because they know you flip for money
You just have to figure out the snakes and who is for you
Now I'm fully loaded up, the goal is hella small for us
Always tryna count us out
They thought they left us in the dust