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Ex Global & Krish - Lori Harvey ft February Lyrics

verse 1
Tired of showing niggas grace
Hate it when they don't know their place
He said we met before
Some things just never change
I'm out here acting like I remember names
I'm always late, they're showing face
You boys ain't hard, you boys ain't moving weight
Christen the cut, you know Ex tryna lace
We run this year, you mans keep losing pace dog

We're all this city ever needs
You know these streets be keeping me
You try my number when I leave, girl let it be
Just let it be
Niggas got no culture
Watching us like vultures
can't bother with no enemies
We let them bleed
We let them be

verse 2
Ain't no rules involved when we go to war, right
Got the city on my back and I put on for it
They know I stay really close to my roots, man
It's never changing, ain't no switching up like mood swings
Girl you ain't just vibing with a random nigga
You vibing with a real one, a product of the west
The boy tryna stack it and put it all in duffle bags
If niggas tryna face me I pull up and make a mess
I don't care what comes my way after
I'm a star, what I do always stays captured
Me showing up ain't on the regular
They know it's the reason tryna secure and level up


verse 3
How you trippin' if I fly myself
I'm not here for petty chats I'm just built for wealth
Thought of being left behind so she brought herself
She could tell I'm so exclusive, I'm not on the shelf
If you get this too quick, you might fall fast
If the ops got you beating man you won't last
And I swear I'm somebody you won't walk past
'Cause I could put you on to that grown cash
Or I could put you into that new class
Either way we're truly different, hope you knew that
See us wining man his feelings got him so mad
We ain't summit 'til we had more than we all had