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Frank Casino - Sudden ft Cassper Nyovest Lyrics


I can't be rapping for free
They gotta send me the budget
I can't just be out in the streets
I get a fee for the public
Can't do a girl with a weave
They make a mess on the Persian
My confidence high, at its peak
Man I'm so perfect, I'm certain
I just came home with some'n
'Cause I'm up all summer
Showing love all of a sudden
All summer I be stunting
I push how I push button
Left the struggle like a ?
Escape the pit Benjy Button
I'm sorry I could beg your pardon

verse 1 [Frank Casino]
Can't be no regular degular
Bought me a studio and set it up
Started and office from show money profits
The bookings are popping from cellular
Taught her how to be the manager
Put a hunnid on the block
Sat and watched like the owls
Started flipping like a flop
White bands on road
Couture straight from the boat
Women all center fold
Big bads can't fold
Get my wizard from a foe
Swear my skin turnt gold
When they make it that's a pose
I used to drive a Kadett
Took the offramp at Collett
Right there in Bramley
Where we had some plugins to get
Visions they couldn't see yet
Back when I wasn't a threat
I was still at it
Before Twitter came with the stories with threads
Had to stay calm and collect
Now bank is all I collect


verse 2 [Cassper Nyovest]
I can't be rapping for free
Y'all gotta pay me a milli
Niggas is up in their feelings
I can't relate boy I'm chilling
Stadium status status status
I'm 'bout to fill up Mabhida
Counting my racks I'm a feeder
Y'all playing follow the leader
We making music that's so dope
That the diamonds can't help it but dance
You know, like Thuso Phala on my neck
Hallelujah 'cause we blessed
They used to sleep on my rhymes
Now I'm sleeping on silk
I'm getting better with time
Y'all niggas aging like milk
Tell them to bring the Madibs dibs dibs
Y'all know we're playing for keeps keeps keeps
Get what you... get what we need need
I can't be worried about Keke
Boardroom with my pants down
Niggas know I'm the benchmark
All my albums went platinum
Own them all 'cause I'm damn smart
Niggas saying I'm a dancer
Benylini ya le tsentsha
Got these niggas going mental
Give space and I went off
Bad bitches on deck
She do a couple tricks for the cheque
Hundred K for the sex
Transact then we left