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J Molley - Want The Racks ft Nadia Nakai Lyrics

verse 1 [J Molley]
Only 21, getting big, I feel like Adele
Might go out and ball till I fall, I feel like Odell
Notice I don't really give a fuck, baby can't you tell?
Colder than the streets, life ain't sweet this ain't canderel
I'm way too real for all that fake shit
Send your ass to heaven, that's a face lift
Tried to rip me off like a Nike tag
She only do women but I bypassed
All I'm on is black girls and I'm rocking Off-White
I'm playing bitches like I'm posted on Fortnight
I whip out the... put it in like a sword fight
You're bored at home while I get paid to board flights

I don't want the ra ra racks
I just do this cause I can can can
Court order, wе need thirty bands bands bands
Hop in his bitch and throw it back back back
One for the money, two for thе show
I'm with gang we in the bus up on the muhfucking road
Hop in the mix mix mix
When we pull up I need it lit lit lit

verse 2 [J Molley]
You can't do me dirty little bitch, I'm from the sewage
I just pay some people they can show me where your crew is
I'ma run up on them like my name was Carl Lewis
Can't show this on TV, I'mma beat him till he blueish
Bitch hop in the Jeep or the bus
Ain't no safari but girl I got hella bucks
She leaning on me till she sleep, I'm her double cup
See me in her dreams, she want me, I'm her animus
Girl trust me I love you but I do not trust you
You wanna be with me, without me you struggle
But why stress her when I can rather undress her
Want you on my chest, that's the shit that I treasure


verse 3 [Nadia Nakai]
If you can't go deep, I don't want that nigga
I'mma need a soldier that gon' pull that trigger
Looking at a broke nigga like "Who's that nigga?"
I refuse that nigga, I rebuke that nigga
Back in the Audi
Only the realest around me
Only the baddest around me
The game is nothing without me
I do this shit for my city, they know I'm doing it proudly
I put a price on a body and follow through with a bounty
Bragga by definition
I kill all the competition
I dead all the negative shit with nothing but optimism
Now at the top position
From having a pot to piss in
I birthed all these bitches they should bow down to my ambition
Like ayy, get back-back-back
Now we can jab where the rack cash stack
I'm still a beast with that laid back raps
And my drip from the scene on an uncapped tap


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