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Jimmy Wiz - Fat Boy Chronicles Lyrics

verse 1
My only life, yet so much to offer
I never quit, I'm a raging monster
It's hard enough I'm dope
But this is hella awkward
Can't compare me to the scribbles
I'm a blessed author
Misunderstood often the greatest awe
I learned to channeled my pain
Facing the greatest odds
I put my life in the music
What, you relate to moi
They hit me up in the user
Like You My Favourite God
It's only right that I just raise the standard
I'm tired of turning up
The sun is like a waging addict
I ain't forget to pray, I did
Y'all was facing backwards
Stay shining
My spirit trapped in a flaming chariot
The Ghost Writer (Rider) like I'm Johny Blaze
Supposed to like it but I'm not amazed
Mirror convos are here to reflect my kind of grace
Anatomies are common when you become my age

verse 2
Death of my flesh but my soul alive
Hope that in time they'll understand my chosen design
Pretty ugly how ambitious I became a rhyme
To a point I figured rap is how I'm making mine
But independence is just all I know
I built it all from the ground
How can I let it go
I turned so many deals down
Tryna protect my soul
I feel like Caesar glancing down at Rome
Look at the team is what's next up
But when I look at the game
I feel no pressure
But I'll keep checking these niggas
'Til I hear yes sir
And I'm just made from a different cloth and texture
It ain't the same where I'm from
Cold cases delayed but there's pain where I'm from
I seen the rain and the rays from the sun
But I'll weather any storm from the change of the drum

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