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Nadia Nakai - Practice ft Vic Mensa Lyrics

Pull up in that uhm-uhm
That's a Taurus (That's a Taurus)
Too much phony in the hood
They can't ignore us (Can't ignore us)
I'm gon' pull up with my gang of bitches
Other side is scandalicous
Hit the club we ballin' in the courts (Court court court)
Don't get any closer I'm a savage (Savage)
Booty way too bigger than your status (Status status)
Prada in the closet cause I'm managed
Disrespectful, they don't get it
That's just practice (Practice on you niggas)

verse 1 [Nadia Nakai]
You can't get the coochie cause you average
When I die it's gon' be Louis in that casket
I swear to God I got that Gucci just to flash it
Honey keep your distance cause that coochie smell like catfish
I just cannot stand it, uh
They talk too much, I guess I'm quick to get to acting, uh
If they don't box I get to walking like a passage
You with the bark, I'm really different with the language
The only thing I talk is money talk, I understand it
They see that ass and they freeze
Asking questions like How You Fit All That Ass In Them Jeans
Walking round like the baddest bitch in the planet I be
Want a piece but you ain't even got the stamina, please (Nigga please)
How much is that, I want a packet of each
Bitches mad cause all they mans just want a piece of this cheese
I grab the mic and get to flowing like Sheesh
I'm the type to cuff a nigga, have him stuck on a leash


verse 2 [Vic Mensa]
Nadia you know they ain't got nada on ya
If that pussy timeless, might put a Patek on ya
I'm a cold ass nigga, I don't wear Patagonia
I know I got you red hot like Danny California
It get chilly on my block, they clapping like the NOLIA
Stupid thick, waist slim and she like a Soulja
I got her going down dawg, no Vinyasa yoga
Niggas runnin' out of options, y'all could not be broker
Ayy, Joburg what it do, Hillbrow what it does
Yeoville what's hood
Me and Cayla plug, on that 1942 you dub
I get groupie love
See me in a crew, she choosing up
I got loose sleeve, in my new D's
We call it Ootchie
Got a new ting, with a booty like Kali Uchis
Left cheek, right cheek like sheesh
I fly out to SA I might stay the whole week
She fuck me twelve times but I'm not the police


(That's a Torus)
(Can't ignore us)

(Court, court, court)
(Status status)
(Practice on you niggas)

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