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Nadia Nakai - Trappy Lyrics

verse 1
I'm a real nasty bitch, diamonds on my tits
He's always on my clit, 'cause he knows this bitch is lit
Do a split on his dick, make him cum in a blink
This pussy is so wet, he might fuck around and slip
Yeah, these niggas think I love 'em
I'm an icey motherfucker
I ain't ever gonna cuff 'em
'Less it's with a colour rubber
If you think that I am your lover
You a stupid motherfucker
Eat my ass like it's supper
Tomorrow it's another brother


You a runner, runner
I run the place
Drop the top on the Panama
Pussy the best
Whatchu talkin' I'm winning now,
Hop on his face
She wanna call the bae now
I got your bae
I am the bae, you know I'm the bae

verse 2
Yeah, your nigga wanna hit it
And his money I'ma spend it
Yo, you better come and get him
'cause his dick I'm already feelin'
Hey, keep running your mouth
I just came in his mouth
You don't know what I'm about, I'm from dirty South
Yeah, these bitches don't ball it's so evident
And I'm poppin', all y'all are irrelevant
Headbutt these hoes, I'm so arrogant
Ocho Sinko(sp) and Evelyn


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