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Reason - July Freestyle Lyrics

My people just went and slaughtered sheep
Out in Clifton beach
Just to show these racists we got peace
But we ain't fucking weak
If you got a problem with some blacks
You should fucking leave
Basically, if you acting stupid
We can cause a scene
Talk is cheap but I'm a cross between
The type of black who speak irrationally
Fuck with me
Then I'mma have you hiding where you are for weeks
Actions speak louder than an empty bucket testing me
Actually what I want, nigga tried flex on me
Look at my chick, look at my crib
Look at the shit on my wrist
Look at the hits, look at the list
The you got look at your shit
Like where do you live
Where do you gig
My nigga where is you big
Show me the bitch that's tryna get under your dick
'Cause nobody know who she is
Rappers are dying and all of you niggas are lying
Or beef on the timeline
Just for the sake of shining
You lie to yourself like you in the limelight
But why try, when all of you fly-by
Should figure that time flies
You did it for high fives and some nice trys
But let's get to the bye-byes
This is a drive-by
Aim at the nigga that's rhyming like Ivan
Your aiming is quite high, mile high
Y'all niggas sty high
Looking at my wise it's quite nice
But the shit is so Christ-like
Just for the right price
Them niggas will kill you for giving them lifelines
So what do we do
We carry the cross and let them hit us with the rocks
Then preach to the lord
Father forgive them
They thought that they were running the ball
Now lo at them all
They dealing with someone that's bigger than ever before
The father of four
Offset but then my Cardi B tall
Unlock like Castle Lite
Flight Center said here's a flight
Room said dog, here's a ride
President said you were nice
Timbaland said you were tight
Black coffee said you the guy
Swizz Beatz said fuck the price
People said Sway do the right thing
Put a real nigga on the mic
Y'all niggas weaker than my pull out game
'Cause my other head thinking twice
If you didn't get it, let it come again
I'm wanted like I'm killer Mike
I bring a gun into a pillow fight
I dead a nigga then I get a life
And then we stuck with Jacob Zuma, damn

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