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Rowlene - Cupid Lyrics

I don't usually do this
Don't even know what I'm doin'
It feels so good I can't complain
Wilding out in a good way
I've shot by a Cupid Cupid Cupid
Had me feeling so stupid stupid stupid

Steadily evolving, physically consumed with you
I'm going through the motions
It's like a force with magnitude
When it's just me and you
I want you to invade my space in all the right ways
My heart's been in the open
Though it is you who's controlling
But Cupid has done it again
He had me falling in the worst ways
But I can't even try to pretend
I cannot wait 'til I see you again

chorus x 2

Now everything is moving so fast
Where did the time go
I was confused in the past
We're the future and I know
Now everybody's telling me that you look good
But boy what do they know
'Cause you treat me so good
When you hold me in your arms
Yeah this is where I belong
You maybe got me feeling some type of way
Maybe it's your smile when you me
'Cause I been tripping on you two or three times already
Am I the only one or am I one to many
I'm praying not to get oh no no no
You're as good as it gets
I know know know
Yeah 'cause we just changing up like the seasons
An you ? is killing me


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