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Touchline - 5 Grand Lyrics

verse 1
Right, look what mama did with five grand
Every month it's what she gets from white man
Washing clothes and scrubbing floors
And window-wiping
She'll be back to cook dinner and help you do assignments
She wakes up and makes sure
That she irons your clothes
Puts lunch in your bag
As she walks out the door
Reminds you you're special
And you're destined for more
A back room with no bathroom
It don't matter, it's home
So you grow and get a loan for university
You get your diploma
They call it gradu-wait
'Cause you have to wait for employment
And then you get an internship like this is it
Get paid 5 grand like mama did
So the cycle continues
We aren't free, just free from believing life is a prison
But the chains are all the way in our thinking
See, designer clothes but look how empty the fridge is
Guess family is not as important as image
And nigga that's what slaves often do
Convenience over truth
Don't care about winning I they can justify the lose
You ain't free until your only boss is you
We ain't free until cashiers at Pick 'n Pay smile at black people too

We ain't free until Thabo can learn to love again
I ain't free until I give them my heart again
We ain't free until good people rule parliament
We ain't free until Khanyi Mbau is black again

verse 2
'Cause balck is beautiful
But black girls reduce themselves to booty calls
See the man you're tryna impress
Don't reply to your texts
He only loves you when you're drunk and undressed
Black men that got kids
Black men they're not father
Side chick gets allowance, ignore baby mama
Your kid's friend buys a watch for a fathers day present
Bu yours just watches 'cause his father ain't present
I make music for him, I make music for them
I make music for people who wanna win at the end
I make music for loyal people who'll die for their friends
After dying they rise and they go and die for you again
I make music for lovers, I make music for pain
I make music for dreamers, heroes, believers and slaves
So take it to radio and I ask them to play
They look straight to my face
You know how much you gotta pay, 5 Grand

Freedom is the absence of fear and the love of God
Discovering a purpose, letting go of what you've lost
Forgiving those that hurt you 'Cause from them you learn a lot
To conquer your emotions and controlling all your thoughts
Finding hope at any cost, not to please no human being
Self belief and inner peace will never come from Twitter feeds
And to know that jealousy is only there to poison me
That's the first real step to being free

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