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Youngsta CPT - South African Hip Hop Industry Lyrics

verse 1
Fuck the whole industry cause it sickens me
They say that sex sells
I should learn how to chance spit disease
I'm spittin' these, I'm ill with these like syphilis
I run up in your castle, put a bullet in the kind and queen
But most of y'all just wanna run the game right
I'm still on the corner watching my brase get in gang fights
Hear die naaier lying, yeah I'm part of that
You can't hold me down for long cause I'm too strong for that
I feel like I'm the young King Kong of rap
25 mixtapes and I still ain't got my props for that
Fuck it though I didn't ask for your pitty
Most of these birds migrate and turn their backs on the city
You think I didn't but I saw your whole trap
No kak and I'm coming with the army and we so just
You were in deep in face of that
You'd think I was a student by the way I make this paper stack
Don't bite my shit and don't try that
One of the best and I just realised that
Got so much beats cause I can ? that
Cape Town is the place where the files at
Where you find that
Raw shit in CPT, better check that mind map
Drive through my hood on the late night
Click-clack motherfucker it's a highjack
Now switch that shit off
Take that shit off
If you don't they gon' let that click off
Kill off those who swore by the samurai sword
Motherfucker I take your head off
And now a headless corpse is all that is left
But when I go I hope I die with a warrior's death

verse 2
Get the fuck up out my face with all that fake shit nigga
I see you jumpin' 'round on MTV Base bitch
And I ain't mad at ya, shit I'm glad he did
But apparently my shit is too raw for television
A lot of dick suckin', a lot of favouritism
And you can catch me at all the events that A-list isn't
So that means I'm hardly ever out
I'm mostly in the hood with the captains and the generals
A gangster and a gentleman
Weapons in both hands will eliminate the middle man
I wasn't hatin', I just really wasn't feelin' them
I fucked this princess, call me the Western Cape William
A lot of hype being praised
A lot of minds need to change
I'm one of the few new rappers who can flip the script
I make commercial tracks and I'm still considered a lyricist
But I never seem to get that point across
So before I lose my temper let me kneel down in the Mosque
I hope the all mighty spirit gives forgiveness to me
Cause sin is something I'm gonna do continuously
I'm playin' Russian Roulette in my bed before I sleep
I load a bullet in the barrel, I spill it and squeeze
I wouldn't advise that anybody try it
But to my surprise I still didn't die yet