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AKA - Congratulate Lyrics

verse 1

Starts out with a pipe dream
White T with in an ice cream
All day on the my space,M.J tryna buy face
I had to pay dues, I had to make moves on faith
Even got booed off stage
Tryna put food on plate
Dropped a coupla jewels on tape
Now we got views all day!!
So much much love, trust fund and kas' lam'
Bad chick in my address, she showin up with that plus one
Through depths to peaks, won't stretch the sheets
Better protect the key, while I pen this acceptance speech

Do you see what it took, is it clearer
Who you see when you look in the mirror
All the dreams and fantasies that come together
I'll be shining like a diamond that's forever

Now congratulate me x 8

verse 2

Now this' the moment I been waitin for my whole life
Didn't believe it 'til I seen it with my own eyes
Imma need a black tux and a bow tie
Double cup, white chucks in the strobe lights
Niggas have bad luck when they roll by
Cause the numbers add up and they don't lie
Show time, my bread buttered on both sides
Took it to the champagne from the movite
Now eveerybody come on..

Awu bula boot (Bula boot)
JC Le Roux
That's all I think about
Sitting up in my room

Awu kuze kuse (kuze kuse)
Awu Jin and juice eh (Jin and juice eh)
It's all coming back to me, like de ja vu

Now congratulate me x 8

Think back to my old days, all I wanted was a gold chain
So stuck in my old ways
Now we all household names
What you know about sacrifice, flashing lights
Rights of passage, bragging rights
Bad romances, packs of pampers
And this ain't time to be camera shy
My one homey got a gun in the cupboard
My other homey got a bun in the oven
Baby mama getting big in the stomach
Pop champagne onto four cousins
I think it's time to be a man now
I feel like moving to my gran's house
Everybody lined up for a handout
Really I just wanna make my old man proud


Now congratulate me x 8