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AKA - N word ft Ice Prince Lyrics

verse 1 [Ice Prince]
Jazzy, I''m feeling great, I''m feeling nice, G
I''m shooting at the stars, my trigger Spike Lee
I step inside the room, your chick is like "Geez"
She knows a hundred grand ain''t nothing
To them Ice is J-J-Jesus
These niggas ain''t even in my category
I''m topping the lead, coppin'' Adidas, givin'' them niggas amnesias
I hop on the beat, one hundred degrees
I''m giving them niggas the Seizure
I kill every verse and I kill every rapper
That happens to be in a feature


verse 2 [Ice Prince]
I made it to the top, they say it''s Illuminatti
I''m hanging in your city in a new Bugatti
Watch me, you know that my crew is naughty
Big shot chilling with a group of shorties
Rolling in your city like a rollercoaster
Click click click, murder overdose
They shooting at the stars from afar nigga
I live in the hood

verse 3 [AKA]
Look how I put my city on the world map
It''s gon take more than good luck to bring your girl back
F*** a hash tag, f*** a retweet,
You never block me in the streets,
I''m on a mean streak
Please leave me to my devices
Get my cake up with Don, Jazzy and Ice Prince
Alaykum as-salamu , let''s get this paper
Drop the bomb like I''m Saddam, You Ronald Reagan
Think out the box, we unstoppable
For you to jot, you need to know that it''s possible
I''m at the airport, in my Air Force
F*** the world, put her legs by the headboard
We breaking this bread, smoking this broccoli
Hard to get ahead in this dollar based economy
In a flag we pledge third world psychology
Now follow me while I follow dreams