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Blayze - 20 Gold Chains ft Bishop Lomond and Maggz Lyrics

verse 1
Better recognise when you see the man(see the man)
Tryna get a lot of money in a short time, now you see the plan
Leaving al these other rap niggas thinking that they got the upper hand
Never that though, never that though
Never back to where I began, player I'm on(player I'm on)
All on my own, all in my zone
Swallow my pride, never, not ever
Homey I be bout my biz, never..
Swallow my pride, never, not ever
Did it back then, but ehm nigga don't learn
Fuck anybody and anything that don't mean anything
Or add to the money I earn
Got my nut sack and my two balls, do my own thing So fuck y'all
Go time, show time, keep it moving, no pause
Stunt on these niggas, stunt on these hoes
Let 'em all know, middle finger them all
Watch me ball, watch me shine
Prove you're wrong every god damn time
Like I rock

x 2
(Twenny Gold Chains ) I got(I got)
(Twenny Gold Chains ) Alrigth(Alright)
Twenny Twenny Twenny Twenny

(Twenny Gold Chains ) I rock(I rock)
(Twenny Gold Chains ) I got(I got)
Twenny Twenny Twenny Twenny

verse 2
Welcome to the world of the real
Where real niggas reign supreme and fake niggas get killed
Where the good die young and the evil grow old
Semetery looks like Blue Hill
Wild wild west, wild wild west
Mollies and the devil got these niggas so possessed
Money homing hooligans caught up in illusion
Confusion aiming for your head
They don't make a brain bullet proof vest
Take a look around, bullet shells on the ground
Tell me what you see, white chalk, yello tape
Ain't no escape from faith, fuck what rappers say on TV
You see me, real nigga I be
Never for the gimmicks though you niggas hippocritical
Never will ...
Yes to be real is difficult
Here we go, come roll with me, go with me
I can teach you how a real nigga supposed to be
Quick quick, take a look see
Yeah you can learn a lot of motherfucking shit from me
Never never gon switch, ain't never gon snitch
Ain't never gave a fuck about a bitch
Bail ass niggas fall in love with a slut from a club
Romantic ass nigga whatchu thinkin of
Never choose a bitch over family
Never floss to much, it breeds jealousy
And a secret ain't a secret no more if a nigga come talking shit to me
Nigga zip your lip, hanldle your shit
Real niggas worldwide gotta represent
If you got twenny chains, I got twenny goons with twenny thangs
Guess what we coming up on

x 2

verse 3
Everything just ain't what it seems
Look at 'em, they believe all the shit they tweet
Or instangraming, everything in their pics is dreams
What happened!? Filters made all this shit so real
Ntwana, but I know the real you
You don't live that and that's real true
You don't spend that, you got bills, you pretendin(pretendin)
Ey ntwana you don't live that life
Wenza ngathi you been that nice
What you claiming you ain't seen that price
Accept it(Accept it)
Matterfact buddy, you shit dog
And you dream big but you think small
You ain't seen this so you're pissed off
Gold chains with your chick soft
And that's so late, but that's chicks dog
City of gold, so you better get money
Or you look away then your chick's gone

x 2

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