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Boskasie - Get Racks ft Youngsta CPT Lyrics

I don't know if you can see
This life was built for me
Take me out of my comfort zone
Doing this on my own
One thing about this road
Get ready, set then you go
You people you might need
Interviews on repeat

verse 1
Someone told me long ago that
Once you in you never go back
Yeah this ? might be a bit wack
Ain't sweet like preschool snacks
If you keep your head on the right track
The you get that really good rack

verse 2
Cheese and tamatie like Mr Vegas
Spice raps, I got different flavours
I'm scared to wys it, 'cause you recreate it
And try do it yourself like you're masturbating
Entertainment, art imitates it
But I took the music and I stripped it naked
Empower women from all different races
For coloured girls, black girls and caucasian
Please explain this 'cause I really hate it
Violence is happening on gender basis
But let me say this, if a man's frustrated
Then he hurts a woman, he must be castrated
Nails and hair done, bass in ear drums
Follow my page, I leave a trail of bread crumbs
Hansel and Gretel but we're very ghetto
We wear precious metals, you're an empty vessel
I hear niks, I have no lus
Try your kak, I don't mik, don't skrik
Slim young make sure the ? fit
A definition of a real se phone clip
Taste like a strawberry yogurt
Stay quiet and baby don't quit
Always fashioned like a denim jacket
It's all love and I want the tennis racket

I know you want this hair
But you can stop and stare
I know you feel this pressure
Heavier than you can measure
Back, forth, up ,down
World spinning round round
Back, forth, up ,down
Up, side, down, down
Down, down, down we go
Turn around, touch the floor
Down, down, down we go
Play this game like dominoes