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Chad Da don - Drama ft PdotO Lyrics

verse 1
I be iced out, swag dripping
Looking like a hundred million
Sitting back, mad ill
Let me tell you how that feel
High life, high price
Everything I cop is real
Now I feel like Pied Piper
Everything I drop they feel
I don't really feel their vibes
Think they need some real advice
They was chilling with some hoes
While I was grinding every night
My homey he was up the road
Hit the street on Sunday night
It was cool but now they set him up
They got him doing five
Told him when he come back
I'll make sure everything alright
'Cause I'm about to run rap
Overlap your ass and do it twice
In the hood I know some stupid dykes
Who say this white boy truly nice
And through all the nights
Used to practice writing rhymes
Until I'm stupid nice
Thank God that we're getting cake
Back in the day, could use a slice
I can never date no hoe
'Cause she gon bring out her stupid side
Tell you what you need to know
Not what you wanna hear, ain't nice
How the fuck you supposed to grow
Gotta prove them wrong or treat them right
Your girlfriend sleeping at my crib
Said it feel like paradise
Fuck cappin', don't wanna know
Tell you in the afterlife
Pop your medulla, bafana wa njuta ai suka
Got no time for no screw-ups
Had to draw the line like a ruler
Go to work on a Monday, then on Thursday we phuza
Got her twerking on Sunday
Lifestyle is so super

If they want the drama then we're coming
Try to disrespect me dog, I'm 'bout to show you something
Always kept it real from the jump, never had nothing
That's why you know I kill for the homies that I run with (run with)

verse 2
How many verses 'til they give a fuck
How many bottles of champagne for us to live it up
How many bitches we gon need for us to giddy up
Ass shaking in the club, you niggas know the jig is up
Lashes on my back be thick
So they believe in us we keep it locked
Keepin' it coming like I'mma bust a nut
My cadence, pronunciation, kind of amazing
The fragrance hit your nostrils quick
I smell like stray gin
Demon in the mic booth
My attitude is Ice Cube
My beverage is gin
Paper cup, sprinkle the ice cubes
Vision is a coupe Benz, black
Passenger, Heidi Klum
Yeah nigga what means she's fine as whooo
Go go getter, yes sir, colder than cold weather
Coke lines doper than smoke under the spoon, hella
Keep it a buck fifty, they know they fuck with me
How many bodies I need for y'all to fuck with me