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Criusel Maccaine - Adept Lyrics

[Verse 1: Criusel]
I'm Winner I'ma Giver I'ma Good Person
When I Get Knocked Down I Land On My Back
If I Can Look Up, I Get Up, I Preserve
I'm The Clout You Ain't Real
I Do My Own Thing That Most Of You Can't Relate
To Be A Real King You Gotta Put Yourself Together
Grab A Pen & Pad To Takes some Notes From Tru Legends
Follow Em Instructions Be Motivated N Shoot Your Points
So Far Being Rectify You Gotta Keep Trying Yo Best
Don't Pull Out Trigger Shoot A Shot To Where The Bullet Can't Smash
This Could Be Dummest Thing You Have Ever Did In Your Whole Life
You Need Some Lessons Where You Wanna Prove Yourself
Being Disappointed Doesn't Mean Yoy Couldn't Do It Better
But I Believe As A Real Nigga We Gon' Fight This Shit
From The Start To Bottom We Might Be Going Highpoints
Stick Together, Ride Together Thats All Matter So Far
If I Knew How To Roll Myself It Would Be Lit Right Now
One Day King Im Here To Push My Niggas Up
I Ain't Gon Let You Drowned Alone Because Of Useless Thoughts
Rise & Grind Finna get This Workout Popping
Fuck Axe Curious , Admit When You Fuck Up For Real
This A World Of Miserable People With Cold-Blooded
These Visions In My Head Got Me Walkin Edge Of Insanity
Im Too Passionate To Not Be A Priority
Everytime Someone Judge Me My Reply Is Fuck You
(Your Honor)

Bridge x2
Mic Check 1,2
This Is A Knights Of The Martyr