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DJ Milkshake - My Own ft Cassper x Anatii Lyrics

I don't care what you drink
Nigga, I don't care what you drink
I don't care what you smoke
Nigga, I got my own, Nigga, I got my own
Nigga, I got my own, Nigga, I got my own
Yeah, I got my own
I got my own girl,
She say she's coming through with her home girls
I got my own girl
We popping on that jin until it's over
I got my own car
Popping on that city 'til it's over
Over, nigga why you gotta go

verse 1 [Cassper Nyovest]
I go shout to ninjas, chilling on corners
Hoping and wishing for dimes, I'm rapping for y'all
if you aint getting money manyora, you're killing the vibe
Shout out to Fistas,
Who just bought a 6, just bought a 650i
And shout out to me!!
Cause I just bought a 6, just bought a 650i
And I'm buyin a Benz, I want a C, I want C63
Man I wish I could tell you
The reason why, I want a C63
See bitch, I made you famous (Nafukwa)
And now you should thank me
I got you access for free
Now I got a question
Who's selling better, who's selling better than me!!


verse 2 [Cassper Nyoves]
Pakitos I'm out here in Bali (sp)
Havin the time, havin the time of my life
You home and you tweeting?
Think I'll reply!!?
Ha kena nako ya disnae
I'm out with Mbali
And-e bojwala, and-e bojwala bo baya
Bojwala bojwala, kore sure sure
Ha ke tsebe nka iketsang
Imma, call all my niggas and decide
That we gonna fly out to Cape Town
Aaaaah whatchu know about bay to bay ?
Aaaaah y'all niggas are simple
Y'all niggas is average, ah man ya'll niggas is normal
I'm out here with Dimplez, Anati and Milkshake
That's why your bitch wants a photo!