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DJ Speedsta - A Couple More Lyrics

I'm getting turnt with the homies
Booty calls only
A whole bunch of groupies tryna get it with the hommies
A couple ALS bombs x2

Verse 1 [Maggz]
It's just one of those, uh, one of those nights
My girl is home and I need hoes in my life
I spotted something and she knows what I like
But tonight I'mma have her stretched out,laying by my side
All my life I've been working hard
Made it easy to work these bras
Cause they see me on TV so you know the boy ain't got to flirt so hard
I just work my art, killin' shit from the birth and start
So baby girl don't fall in love
'Cause M-Dubbz will just hurt your heart
So phola, ungajagi bab' uzotola
Ublome nezinja k'phela lady nawe uyabona
My generation is turning ugly Buz' uAkhona
And the revelation is earning money from every corner
But for now, I'm feeling freakish
Call up some divas let's get wild
Ya'll heard the features burning the speakers, so they proud
Look man I steal more girls than a crook can
But all in all my focus is stacking paper like post it


I said a couple more! (Fuck it, yeah, let's ride around)
I said a couple ALS bombs before I dial

Verse 2: [Ma-E]
Kwangen' inkakha, kwashuba
iWeather ya guqula
Kwa qwala amafu
iMali ya phenduk' imvula
Kwa qwal' iChampaigne,abantwana babhukuda
Namhlanje k'ya shuba, ngiyak'tshela ngiyafula
Kumanzi phansi, biz' iWaiter izosula
Ngishis igazi,seng dlile ngiyajuluka (ha)
Ujwala bu gwel' amatafula
Sime phez' kwe itulo, ngiyak'tshela s'ya gula
Eish, Ngiyak'tshela s'ya gula
Bazo sala babuza
Ngi qoke imphahla zok' dura
That's why ba qwala nge pantsula


verse 3 [Sean Pages]
I'm seeing that these hoes they want that D
I got a freak show that's waiting for me
Do a free throw, schizo, do a repo all over that V
Pimpin and poppin and poppin and pimpin
Got her dripping and dipping and dropping that kitty
Dripping and dripping all over this bike
Got her reaching her peak
Speed on the decks
Weed on the deck
bomb after bomb
We on that flex
Fuck with me you bleed from the neck
You don't want the drama
Breathe take a step
She said I got a sexy thing about me
Maybe it's the shots
Maybe it's the bomb
Maybe it's the fact I left my fucks in Welkom
Lex said you can't unAlex an Alex kid