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DJ Vigilante - Bang Out ft KO x Nasty C x AKA Lyrics

verse 1[K.O]
The only thing important to me
Is pushing the game forward
The boy getting that pussy
The blessers can pay for it
Way back, way back in the day boy
Mina all that I wanted was to be famous for a living
For me to get away elokshini
Go and make it in the city
I played monopoly, played with action figures
Now the game is our monopoly
We play with actual figures
You can lose a lot of paper chasing women, just know
But all that pussy
Soon as you get your paper is a given
See a bad bitch gets dick, a young Uber x trip
Some Mango Air tickets and that's it
The reason for my Lootlove
Ntwana the chicks scream when I pull up
Whenever they see me in my new drop
Looking like I shipped it in from the future
The Cashtime president been getting that Gupta
And I'm never going broke, no more
I'm a jack of all traits, I'm a virtuoso
Y'all know and I knew that would get me my respect in due time
Had to put these bars in their places and let em do time


Ok-k, players on my team on their A-game
I'm a young 16-v in his hay-day
Vele vele been that nigga since way way
Bang out bang out bang out bang out
Jumped out the Uber at my crib and pulled the Benz out
I'm the man, ok-k
Kick off the Js and pull the Vans on, Ok-k

verse 2 [Nasty C]
Love and money I place em apart
I started hitting stages
I broke a leg and her heart
Y'all need a real motherfucker
And I'm great for the part
'Cause I bumped into Hip Hop when she had her legs apart
Would you look at what they made you think
Who can make me flinch
Walkin' through the jungle and stepped in to some amazing shit
My presence alone is just a huh-huh made you blink
I was tryna feel this shit
Done fucked around and saved this shit
My brother told me work for anything
But that engagement ring
Trust me you gon' hate that shit
And now I'm living life in a ring
It's either make a hit or take a hit
I fucked around and raised a generation of these anuses
They should've told you Stay Off Twitter
'Cause lately it's been looking like I paid off Slikour
If you expecting me to fall
Hold your breath, cross fingers
Bitch, your favourite rapper is either dead or a witness
And if I said it I meant it


verse 3 [AKA]
Supermega got a lot of presence
Told myself I was a legend since an adolescent
Learnt my lesson
Yeah, the message is a tad agressive
Now every new nigga need a blessing from the rap God
I developed back problems
That's what happens when you have to carry niggas that long
Pussy nigga wish you would diss to give you the platform
You need to politic less and rap more
Please remember I come from the era of the clap song
Now every second record is a trap song
Shit is cold but the throne keep my ass warm
When I drop, game over like a black ball
No subliminal jabs
If I see you I guarantee you
They gon' witness a criminal act
I think I reached my potential too fast
I hope you got a Kaizer Chiefs funeral plan
I take a sip of that Styrofoam
I smoke a zip of that flight mode
I'm in a different time zone
Daddy cool twenty two, Michelin tyres on
Bang up bang up bang up, I'm a savage
I'm the one that put the city on the atlas
Supermega, I'm established
'bout to send an Uber to your address


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