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Da Les, DJ D Double D - Slap Lyrics

verse 1
It was all good just a week ago
Me and all the homies on the streets for sure
I was on a post, he was on a post
A bunch of bad bitches on a ?
Off by the pool like we're at Mikanos
I'm taking shots by the bar but ain't no need to know
And goddie got your girl texting extra notes
'Cause verybody wanna be around original north side niggas
Heard you in the north, of course my niggas gon hit it
And shout out to Foca
Of course there's no limit
To what we can show y'all
Of course I've been widdit
Double D dog roll another one for me
'Cause bad vibes ? it feel good to me
Oh yeah, I'm chilling at the crib for sure
If you get in for sure then you hit for sure

I go flat like four flats on a Cadillac
Everybody know my shit slap
Now I'm on the gram getting bags
Everybody know my shit slap
I ain't even gotta rap
'Cause everybody know my shit slap
And shout out to Malumkoolkat
'Cause everybody know my shit slap

verses 2
Big L smoking on them big dutches
Living life well i them big clusters
You know I got Norry on the grill right
So better get the sauce and the big mustard
And I know my shit better than the rest of y'all
And I know my shit bigger than your festival
And I know, I'm 150 and O
I't getting a lil unfair for your hoe so I'll reset the core
I drip too hard don't stand too close
You might fuck around and drown nigga on this wave
Now a nigga taking all his power back
Now tell me where my flowers at
Go go go ladies
I see you twerking in the pool now go crazy
Bra Mdu got the shit on tap
I'm a living legend in fact I shit on tracks


Shout out my bro Dj D Double D
Know what I'm tlakin' 'bout
Shout out to all the motherfucking OGs
Bumping this shit right now
You know we've been ding this here for about 15, 20 years now
My shit still slap nigga
No cap, I like that