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Flvme - Lost ft Ecco Lyrics

I been fucked up (yeah)
I been yeah
Uh, yeah

verse 1 [Flvme]
I been fucked up
And I been by myself
Drown in my cup
And I'm hopin' you might help me
Don't waste no time
If you got somethin' on your mind
Then baby come and tell me
All I ever wanted was some peace in life
So I ain't even tryna be the reason you cry (cry)

verse 2 [Ecco]
Shit is gettin' way too complicated
I don't even know what's up now
I think about you daily
But I act like I don't really give a fuck now
Livin' life fast in the city
Gettin' money is a must now
Heard you gettin' lost up in the city
Baby, what's thе rush now
Why are you playin' these gamеs with me
Feels like I'm goin' insane

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