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Khuli Chana, Ginger Trill - Real Quick Lyrics

This is the ghetto gospel
Pure magic and we're real talk
Way too complicated for you motherfuckers
So we hustle, to ? and we're real talk
Balling for every second that I struggled 'cause

Shit got real quick real quick
Them shit got real hard, real hard
Them shit get real quick, real quick
Them shit get real hard, real hard
I'm talking real hard

verse 1 [Khuli Chana]
Back on the road less travelled
Okay let's level up
Today Motswako pops off the charts
You learn how to redefine success
When you were literally off the charts
Off the car, ke ba kgwela botlha
Blomela daar, ke tshaba madi a kgofa
No facade, ha e suka e suka
Can't stop the rain ha e simolla go tshologa, suka
Cover me I'm comin' in
Ba re kraga e ntsi mo mosimaneng
Ba re Chana you've been gone for far too long now
Ebile Lehika a re o jika neng
Le jikile levili, still wheelin' and dealin'
Rest in peace to Jabbaman, thank you for believing
Now I'm balling for every second that I struggled 'cause


verse 2 [Ginger Trill]
Eh monna shit get real quick, real quick
Ha go nyewa gotta maneuver through the ill shit
The concrete jungle, survival of the fitness
Survival of the quickest, they're tryna get a meal ticket
Blinded by ambition so I'm minding my own business ka di oog klap
You know I'm down to go the distance
018's finest, redefining my position
So much hunger in this game
Would you die for your district
I ride for my section
Reporting to you live from the trenches
When it hits the fan, who protects the fam
Who gon pass the test when time tests your man
Well, I guess only time can tell
You know, life's a bitch but she fine as hell
If she give you a contract
I bet you sign as well
Ba re o tla ja go jelwe, buy or sell
So I'm balling for every second that I struggled 'cause