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Kid X - 3 Quarter Pace Lyrics

Came from nothing, you know nothing about that
Pressed a few buttons, cracked the code
Now I'm out here
Dropped outta school could'a been an accountant
Or stock broker, picture me in the Gautrain
Commuting nine to five I doubt that I'd survive
Had to stay true to my bravado
Set the mode and lock the vibe
Now I'm the main even on your pay-per-view, undeniable
Had them all waiting on the news about the title
Thank the king, I don't make the rules nor the titles
I just wear it, you see how I outmaneuvered all my rivals
My arrival has a lot to do with the current state of the game
Same way the state of the game might have to do with my arrival
I'm cash Time, yithi aboMachushu balendawo
Dropping jewels I might go viral
I swear this typa shit should drop on vinyl
I pray to God I'll live to see tomorrow
I know my time on Earth is borrowed
Taking shots I'm drinking out the bottle

Came up (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah)
Say What (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah)
Never knew I'd get this close
Now I'm way too focused, can't deny me now

Set up shop, let em know we back in business
In vernac or English
This is everything your favourite rapper isn't
This is trespassing this is never had permission
This is that grass this the reason you been itchin
This is fresh gas bet you smell the fuel emissions
Started as a test drive 'til I went and blew the engine
These are religious thoughts dressed in euphemism
If I had to tell it like it is
Chances are you'd miss it
Mama told me I'm a star since a young age
I grew up somewhere on a farm e-?
Ngical' isghela ngina-four but I was far from one of them
Which probably explains why the boy only lasted one day
Bathi lo kungcono abuyel' ecreche
And this was back when I didn't know what to do with a chess
But God had other plans which is why
Few years later when I met K.O
He went and gave me another chance
I know, in matric I was top of my class
Someone told me in order to grow you have to let go of the past
I've seen em all tryna follow my path
But they couldn't copy my style let alone borrow my craft
I learnt the hard way ngisazam' ukba ukleva
I was reaching for the stars they was way outta my grasp
I was chasing my dreams thinking slow down or I'll crash
Bathi kimi lomhlaba uyahlaba and lendlela inameva
Lendlela inameva
Bathi kimi lomhlaba uyahlaba and lendlela inameva
Kodwa sophumelela
Mpintsh'yam sophumelela

Came up (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah)
Say What (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah)

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