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Nasty C - 031 Lyrics

I'm from 031, I repre-fucking-sent
Teeth on freeze like, "Bitch don't take another step!"
Not my problem that you wasn't heaven sent
Blessed.. Check(Oooh shit)
You know my daddy raised me well
(Oooh shit)
Touch my lunch, I'll ring your bell
(Oooh shit)
I'm doing better, can't you tell?
(Oooh shit)
I'm doing better can't you tell?

verse 1
I just overused my visa, yea eh eh eh eh
I'm a real O.N.E, I represe-e-e-e-ent
My kicks are costly but I got em on their ne-e-e-e-ecks
Wait a second, in the hills, that's my adre-e-e-e-ss
Bitch I came up, from the dust and the mud
Sir, I'd get up, take the buss, go to hustle
Please forgive us, we came from nothing it was rough
Watchu mean "Take the crust and the crumbs"?
What the fuck?
I want all the bread and the spread, until then, I won't rest
Guess who just fled from itchy beds to a pent
Yes, I was stressed & depressed now I'm blessed
And I don't forget to send a cheque back to my nest


verse 2
I started off, winging it
Took it serious, now I got a minute in it
I got me a vision and committed to defending it
Eh eh eh eh eh, spittin' must be in my lineage
Oh shit! Me and my dawg, we predicted this
We spoke this shit to existence
Everyday, we was consistent
To set it straight, we're fucking magicians
When they told us
"Dream of something we could live with, more realistic"
Watchu mean? I don't follow
And I didn't, I was on one
I was buzzing, I was starving
Rap was callin', I responded
I was certain, I had purpose
I was nervous, I was scared
But the city that I left said I had to represent