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Proverb - Proverbs Manifest ft Manifest Lyrics

verse 1[Manifest]
Charlie oh word, I speak in proverbs, riddles and such
But let me blunt, all you scribble soft man
Some clash a rush of adrenaline be trembling much
When we come, competition split like going dutch
Butterfly no coaster, drinks on me Charlie Coaster
Fresh prince so I want a buttler and a chaufeur
Before this lifetime is over
Some living happy drunk, some dying sober
Charlie you no easy o' some CEO
All tha people they ma body
They cast them way below
On the sudden flow I think I belong on the upper echelon
Eating kitty willy nilly and some exquisite prawns
With a chair on the lawn
A chick with a nice rear on my arm
I put that on the kings James no Lebron
You be so non
That I be flex, make her go destress
When da people here, they still bouncing like bad cheques
This is a sure shot, it's not a guess
This what happens when proverbs manifest


verse 2[Proverb]
Many people rhyme, they try to get needle time
But none of they feeble minds could ever try equal mine
They even try and give me the evil eye when I write
They try to roll, you ever seen an eagle fly in a flock!!?
Yo M.dot, between you and I, this track is a do or die
Before I could even kill it, it committed suicide
I give them truth and lies and force 'em to choose a side
And whoever shooses lies, consider them crucified
It's the manifestation of verbs,
The stage is a place of my birth
Born with a page and the word (what else!)
And this is amazement at work
You already heard, seen and touched it now you tastin the verse
So when you faced with the verb and this Ghana star
My advice is to move money like an armoured car
We underrated, yo we grated like prmasean
With the hinger to make it like ramadan (BOOM)
Shooting punchlines like a soldier, so grab a vest
And I promise there's no return like a bad investment
Now that's a dope verse at it's best
And that's exactly what happens when proveerbs manifest!


verse 3
These ? stelin the show, the manifesto
Let he pro deal them a death blow
Yo M.dot speaking of death blow, the people expect Pro
TO lethal inject flows, like needles at death row
? grab binoculars, See these stars
We leavin scars, make you look bigger, push up bras
This is why we dominent, when we cook up bars
The continent can look up ?
Astronomers look up stars
Picked the perfect day though
Data more vango???
My scripture wording stays perfect from all angles
More so fashion the pro, that's a given goal
And also classical flow that'll live in your soul



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