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Reason - No Sleep Remix Lyrics


All in all there's no sleep
No remorse, no candy floss, no know-it-all
Just go record, make all the songs, that never pause
Keep going on the whole week
Losing all of my homeys, all because my own dreams
Now I'm up and close enough
We blowing up because we..

verse 1 [Tumi]

Damn right we don't sleep, fuck em all with no bleep
I emboss the Moteef, hold heat like Shuttlesworth and O.T
Double beds don't know me, might take a vacay to rest my head
But heads get no rest since 03 and I'm still going
Here's one for the road then
A good bye kiss from an old man
The hood got rich from my offering
I've seen Tupac kids get focus man
So they on that Busi Biko, bedroom studio CEO
Oskidos and the Mindlos and the Cleos
Getting money out the blue like e tolls
No free load no hero shit
No Biko, no steve, we gon win
Go Hiroshima, with a flow that'll kill a Reeva
Like Oscar P done

verse 2 [Ginger Breadman]

That's protocol
I told the moms I'm gon be gone for very long
I'm going hard on every song they put me on
Realising my own dreams
Pull an Oscar on every track, I'm just trying to find my own feet
Making time for my own peeps
Sometimes a promise I don't keep
Not because I dont want to, but because we close to blowin up
You know it's something that we gon eat
Inception, I'm pretty much living out another man's dream!
Competition's worst nightmare, on any streets
The Reason they all can't sleep!!


verse 3 [L Tido]

It's Glitz Gang and Show Love
Yeah, fuck that old beef
Had to hit the stu up and link up with Moteef
Where real niggas united, more money and more cheese
Now lames gotta pay hommage and bow down on both knees

We see the grind, I know they hate to see me shine
Wanna be in my shoes so much, I should drop a sneaker line
I'm on a paper chase, got no time to please these dimes
Chuck a deuce when I'm getting brain
That's what I call a peace of mind
Yo ? is shifty, sippin on the finest whiskey
I'm a G that move units but I never signed with 50
Never trusted niggas, no new homeys at all
I know J.R said make it bigger, I prefer my circle small

verse 4 [Reason]

I'm gettin a feelin I'm getting addicted
To hearing good things about me
Mu rap have extended to generous measures
Even Motsweding announced me
And some are not even conviced at the heaters I spit
But I'm easy because this season the game is a circus
With many a tricks but none in the ring can clown me

Sometimes I just feel like I'm spitting
an ocean of flows and everyone's drowning
Surrounded by all of these props around me
Like I was Andy Wachowski
I'm thinking how can they doubt me
They thinking how can you not sleep
I'm thinking the most I spent on my son
is a funeral paid with rhyme schemes

Rest in peace to Lil O
May God accept his little soul
I do my best to live with the fact
that he'll never see me kill shows
'Til I fall they will know
That Reason Amass is real though
And if not I guess then I guess they fucking theyselves
Like mommies at home with dildos

You can call me Ginger, cause I'm keepin it trill too
Got a club hit from a kid who can't legally get in the clubs though
And I'm not even club though, just friends with people who run those
I'm friends with people who love dough
In a nutshell, it's because we...(don't sleep)

verse 5 [Moneoa]

Ah ah ah ah
Close your eyes and let them take a seat on your throne
Ain't nobody tired in the land of the grown
Paper chasing my heartbeat, Only relax when we're sixty
Trying to sow what my bank reeps, salary comes on the daily
25th and I don't blink, and I'm still not tired
Money's awake, so we don't sleep