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Ricky Rick - Fuseg ft Anatii x Cassper Nyovest Lyrics

I just moved to the island
Mean muggin no smiling
Fifty niggas behind me
Man this shit ugly
Puffin on a Jamaican
The kick ball with my Haitians
Introduce you to your maker
Introduce you to your maker

verse 1 [Ricky]
Bathi they balling, I couldn't tell
My hunies they live like Lizelle
I book them into my hotel
They callin my phone, I switch off my cell
Hey Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
These bitches are cray aba khuzeki
My niggas are on ...?
My niggas are on ...?
Fuck up this rap shit, these niggas pretenders
Ngin nika le tender, biz' uMalema
And tell him we tryna get rich for December
Mhlaumbe September
I'm chasing this money like I got a temper
Eish, shout out to Themba
He told me I got this, I still remember
Lalela son, you gotta bounce thina singene ngenkan
Thina singena nge force, don't tell me bout cars
My nigga just bought a bus
Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
My niggas are on ...?
My niggas are cray abakhuzeki
My niggas are cray abakhuzeki
Sidl umkotul, cava the ndwango
Shout out my niggas in Lagos, shout out my niggas in Venda
Shout out to all the Makhados
My niggas they want some more, they tryna fana na lo
Ngithi nooor, we built this up from the floor
I promissed my mom I would never be poor


verse 2 [Cassper]
Damn Ricky that's a long verse nigga
But enough with the raps and the nigga
I been in the stu, working on a new
Album but besides that, I don't wanna hurt niggas
I provide the liquor, call the girls nigga
Tell em they should come to the burbs with us
I'm a hood nigga I ain't never gon change
So it's JC Le Roux over Veuve nigga
Nigga nigga nigga nigga I never had shit
'Til I told my story in beat now cava what happened
I got a mansion, fuck the attention
Ngithi Fuseg! Fuseg! Fuseg!
Ke iketsetsa nthwaka, a le ntlogele
You can't believe that I am a ghost aaah
Dumelang ga ke le pokela
I'm not a ghist, I'm an animal
Ngwanyana a o nketsetse plane moo
Carpo swipe-a moo, swipe-a swipe-a swipe-a
Swipe-a moo ra ba rata basadi mos
I'm getting money with my niggas
I'm getting money with my niggas
Do you know what this reminds me of?
I'm getting money with my niggas


verse 3 [Ricky]
Have been dealing with Guptas
We just talking about lutas(sp)
Ain't nobody talking about you guys
Getting murdered by the new guys
Killing niggas with the raps is my muhfucking new high
? nigga, keep your thoughts nigga
My niggas are on it we won't let this go
Don't ask me to stop because you know that I will say no
My niggas are jewelers we are going Gold, Platinum
Eish, got niggas dying of stress
And I wanna take em outta the hood
But right now giving back is a bit of a stretch
I wanna tell my niggas, I can only wish you well my niggas
I'm just tryna keep it real my niggas
Coming up is like hell my niggas
Like hell my niggas

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