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Shane Eagle - 7 Lyrics

verse 1
I just put the Benz on road
Gucci for when it get cold
Phone tapped, talkin' in code
You know that they listening bro
I'm at the top and there's nobody else
Me and my niggas did this shit by ourselves
Heard that your albums ain't doing too well
Don't hit up my line, be looking for help
Staircase to heaven, I built by myself
I got a water, I brought me a well
I am too chosen, I can't got to hell, bitch
Lacoste on my body
I told her go cop me some crocodile tears
I lost my father, I got no fears
I'm in the Astra projecting
You on the outside just guessing
You know that Shane Eagle is destined
You know that my gift is my presence
7, 7, I'm lucky number fuckin' 7
I close my eyes and go to heaven
But that's just a mind state, that's what I say
Fuck a bitch, need a fiance
For the show it's like prime rate
I am as hard as they come
I am the son of the sun
The son in Hibiru
Eagle the one, Eagle the chosen one
I put the game in a gap
I put my soul in my raps
All of these niggas is cap
Can't give 'em no daps
You know that it's facts
Fuck you expect
Keep all your cheques
Then pay me respect, nigga

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